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Flexographic Printing

Jewett Converting manufactures custom designed, narrow to extra wide web, flexographic presses designs include Central impression presses, Stack flexo presses, and In-line flexo presses. Flexo printing is a method which uses a flexible relief plate to print onto a substrate, which may be a wood-pulp based, synthetic, or laminated material, include: Papers, Carton board, Non-woven textiles, Coated or un-coated board, Films such as polyester, OPP, nylon, and PE.  Modern flexographic presses are comprised of:

  • Anilox roller: a cylinder metal and/or ceramic, which is laser engraved with cells of a given angle, line screen, and volume to deliver the required fineness of print.
  • Enclosed applicator doctor blade system: delivers a measured amount of ink to the cells of the anilox roller
  • Plate cylinder: which the printing plate is mounted upon
  • Impression cylinder: a sleeve that supports the substrate as the printing plate is pressed against it
  • Inking system: ink holding tank, ink pump with delivery and return ink lines, plus other elements to ensure the maintenance of ink supply and viscosity

Our presses can include the following features:

  • Enclosed ink applicator/doctoring systems with pneumatic blade clamping for “no-tool” quick blade and seal changing
  • Automatic wash-up system
  • Sleeve-type plate cylinders
  • Mathews-type plate lock-up system
  • “On the fly” plate changes
  • Gearless (Servo) drives
  • Repeats to 60″ or more
Flexographic Printing
flexographic press

Gravure Printing

Jewett Converting manufactures custom designed gravure printing presses and full production lines. These printing presses are primarily used in applications requiring excellent print quality, high printing speed, simple printing process, accurate ink use, and the flexibility of this style printing.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Conventional, fixed cylinder type
  • Single impression roll
  • Sleeve type impression roll
  • Multi-roll turret impression assembly
  • Wide repeat range to 72″
  • Extra wide width to 136″
  • Cylinder registration
  • Compensator registration
  • Servo drive electronic registration
  • Web treating stations
Gravure Printing
Gravure Printing


Jewett offers a full range of coating solutions for to meet your specific process requirement offering roll coaters for hot melt. Wax, solvent, aqueous and 100% solids coatings and wax, ranging in viscosity from as low as 1 to more than 100,000 cps. Application thicknesses range from sub-microns to your desired coat weight.  Each coater is designed and built for our customers process requirements. Our coater designs range from standard construction with manual adjustment to fully automatic, closed loop systems. These systems can provide control of pump speeds, roller speeds and auto gap adjustment using servo gap controls.  Our systems provide a wide range of line speeds upwards of 3000 feet per minute in web widths up to 192 inches.  Some of our coating equipment, including the following:

  • Direct gravure
  • Offset gravure
  • Reverse gravure
  • Differential speed offset gravure
  • Mayer rod, Bent Blade
  • Reverse roll, nip and pan feed
  • Slot Die Coaters
  • Knife-over roll
  • Hot Melt Coaters
  • Multi-method combination stations
  • Special purpose
  • Quick change-over cartridges
  • Sleeve systems
  • Fluid delivery systems
  • Clean room construction
coating automation


Jewett manufactures laminating equipment of all types including laminators with in-line gravure coating and optional dry bond capability. These versatile coater laminators and standalone laminating combining nips are the industry standard for paper, paperboard, film or foil.  Our systems are engineered to meet your pressure, temperature, width, and substrates requirements.   We can provided you with the proper equipment for your application.  Our systems incorporate many features, such as load cells for Pressure control and readout, precision gap adjustment as well as preheating and post cooling systems. If preheating of the web is required, we offer infrared heaters, hot oil, hot water or electrically heated rollers to achieve the materials temperature required.  Post process, we offer cooling rolls, cooling plates and forced air systems to bring the web to a suitable temperature prior to the next process.  Adjustable rolls can be provided at the inlet and outlet to vary wrap on the laminating rolls.  These rolls can be simple idler rolls or spreader rolls depending on your process requirements.  Crowned rolls and nip backup rollers are used to counteract roll deflection where process requires small diameter nip rollers impression. Some of our Laminator offerings include:

  • Wet bond
  • Dry bond
  • Thermal
  • Hot melt
  • Wax
  • Solventless
  • 100% solid electron beam or ultra-violet cure
Laminating Automation


Jewett offers many types of roll-support dryers and flotation dryers for solvent, aqueous or solvent-less, thermally cured coatings. We also integrate ultraviolet and electron beam curing equipment as well as infrared dryers into our coating lines.

  • Web widths up to 144″
  • Speed up to 3000 fpm
  • Coatings: solvent, aqueous or 100% solids thermal cure
  • Materials of construction: coated steel or stainless steel
  • Heat source: gas, electric or steam
  • Filters for clean room construction
  • Exit cooling rolls
  • Support structure and walkways for elevated dryers
  • LEL monitors and controllers
  • UV or EB curing systems
  • Advanced operator controls including integration with main coating/printing machine controls
  • Double wall, insulated enclosures with hood retraction or hinged doors for access to interior
  • Fixed or variable-speed fans available. Fan setting can be recipe driven.
roll support dryers an infrared dryers