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Embossing & Calendaring

Jewett manufactures a wide range of Embossing and Calendering equipment. Embossing and calendering equipment for paper, textiles, nonwovens, magnetic tape, automotive, and plastic films, to meet your process needs. We can provide you with a system designed to meet your pressure, temperature, width and embossing pattern requirements.  We manufacture both complete production lines as well as standalone systems for integration to an existing web line or process.  Our systems offer a wide variety of features, such as load cells for pressure control and readout, thermally controlled rollers and preheating/post cooling systems.  If preheating of the web is required, we offer infrared heaters, hot oil, hot water or electrically heated rollers to achieve the materials temperature required.  Post process, we offer cooling rolls, cooling plates and forced air systems to bring the web to a suitable temperature prior to the next process. Whatever your process requirements are, from narrow web equipment to wide web production lines, we can provide the ideal solution for you. Some applications include:

  • Leather grain vinyl for automotive products
  • Wood grain vinyl for laminates
  • Casting films and papers
  • Fine paper
  • Packaging paper and laminates
  • Spot bonding
  • Non-wovens

Some of the system variations include:

  • Matched steel
  • Steel to rubber
  • Steel to composition
  • Pre-heat sections (Steam, Electric or Oil)
  • Cooling sections
Embossing Calendering


Jewett offers a large selection of perforators and cross-web perforators including heated and ambient pin. Jewett stands apart from other perforator manufactures having integrated several laser and electrostatic systems.  Our units can provide the ability to vary the distance between perforations almost infinitely.   Our perforators can be designed with an unwind and rewind to serve as stand-alone units, or they can be integrated into your existing process lines. The perforators can be built in the width required for your application. Pin sizes and cross-web perforator blades are selected based on the specific material to provide the desired effect.

  • Web widths from 2” to 136″
  • Speed up to 5000 fpm