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Jewett Automation has over 40 years of experience as an innovative manufacturer of highly engineered, automated manufacturing and assembly systems for complex industrial applications. Jewett Automation has an outstanding reputation for providing robust, reliable, and on time custom automation solutions.

The company draws upon a host of automation platforms, techniques, and core competencies, including indexing cam-driven assembly systems, robotics, vision, and high-speed continuous motion, to arrive at the best and most economical result.

Jewett Automation has completed thousands of automation projects in a variety of industries including automotive, medical, consumer products, electronics, telecommunications, and industrial products. These projects include assembly, packaging, material handling, robots, converting lines, rotary indexing, power, and free continuous motion, and much more.

Jewett Automation engineers draw on their vast experience and creativity to design solutions that are efficient, flexible, and robust. Once design is complete, Jewett Automation technicians assemble, test, and install the final product for the end customer.

Working With Jewett

Jewett is a factory automation company and systems integrator that stands above the others when it comes to solving today’s automation equipment challenges. Jewett Automation has an outstanding reputation in providing robust, reliable and on time custom automation solutions. To achieve this we draw upon a host of automation platforms, techniques and core competencies, from indexing cam-driven assembly systems, to robotics, vision, high speed continuous motion, and our many years of experience to arrive at the best and most economical end result.

If you are looking for a precision, high speed automated assembly platform to produce the best possible yield of top quality products, you have come to the right place. Precision high-speed assembly is a major strength because we constantly seek to enhance hardware and software in order to achieve greater speeds. We know that our continued success depends on our ability to improve productivity while helping our clients eliminate error-prone human handling.

From your project’s inception to the time it is in operation on your factory floor, Jewett Automation is committed to helping you develop the right solution to meet your needs. Using our vast industrial automation knowledge, we will prove to be a valued partner in the realization of your automation action plan.

about Jewett Automation
about Jewett Automation

Why Jewett?

Our customers often tell us our proposals demonstrate a high level of understanding and innovative thinking that sets us apart from the competition. For your next Automation project let us demonstrate to you our expertise and no matter what your automation project entails, we would welcome the opportunity to review with you and provide a detailed proposal.

Project Management

Beyond the innovative solutions for which we have become known, effective project management is, in our experience, the single most important ingredient in creating the successful automation projects that keep our customers coming back to us.

We believe in a single point of contact for each party–your project manager serves as the focal point of your project, thus assuring clear communications, direction, and that all details are fully captured.

Issues that may arise at some future point can be avoided by establishing a clear definition and mutual understanding of the scope of work at the outset. We begin with a clear understanding of specifications we develop with you, and we allow these specifications to evolve throughout a project.

Frequent and candid communication between us is vitally important so that potential pit fall scan be spotted and addressed before they become problematic. A realistic and regularly updated project schedule is another fail-safe device we employ. This defines responsibilities for all the team members, identifies due dates and the path forward, assuring everything stays on track and on time.

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