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DSC_0401_webJewett automation is in partnership with ABB Robotics, a leading global supplier of industrial robots and serves as a channel partner and system integrator for that company in North America. Jewett specializes in custom developed, turnkey robotic automation solutions for assembly, material handling, and pick, pack and palletize applications. The primary markets Jewett serves include consumer electronics, medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Robotic assembly allows us to recreate complex assembly movements that conventional assembly technologies cannot reproduce because it offers the maximum amount of flexibility in any application. Accuracy and repeatability are the pillars of robotic assembly. Moreover, when a robotic solution is implemented correctly, the system is extremely robust and reliable. Our engineering staff has extensive experience integrating a multitude of different robotic solutions and can suggest the robotic solution that fits your application best.

Each robotic application is different, and this has led us to use a variety of robot types. Some applications require the full flexible movement of a 6-axis robot arm, while some need the high speed assembly (200 + places/min) of a delta style robot. We can solve just about any assembly challenge by employing one or more of the following:

  • SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) Robots
  • 4, 5, and 6 axis Robot Arms
  • Delta Style Robots
  • Cylindrical Robots
  • Cartesian (three linear axes of control) Robots
  • Vision Guided Robotics
  • Conveyor Tracking/Following Robots

Many customers have the misconception that a robotic solution will necessarily increase the cost of a project cost. This is not always the case. Advances in robotic technologies have driven robot arm pricing down. When combined with the engineering savings of using a robot, it can prove to be the sensible and most cost-efficient choice. Contact us today about your application and find out how you can put robotics to work for you.