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When any purchased component is incorporated into a design, we refer to this as integration. Whether it is test equipment or a specialized assembly system, we have the expertise to ensure that any system integration will be virtually seamless. Some of the more common integrated components include:

  • Vibratory Parts Feeders
  • O-ring Feed Systems
  • Leak Testing Equipment
  • Laser, Dot Peen, Inkjet, and Thermal Transfer Part Markers
  • Precision Liquid Dispense Systems
  • Various Vision Systems
  • Centrifugal bowl feeders
  • Tray fed hoppers.
  • Cold forming equipment
  • Vacuum pitch change conveyors
  • Heat sealing and forming systems
  • De-burring and flash removal systems
  • Bottle capping and torque application systems
  • Embossing and laser material removal systems

Bringing together these subsystems and ensuring that they function together as a system is the essence of integration. Let Jewett Automation be your primary systems integrator.