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continuous motion

When production rate requirements exceed the capabilities of standard automation platforms, a continuous motion platform may be the best solution. Jewett Automation has completed numerous custom continuous motion projects for production rates ranging from 175 to 6,000 parts per minute. By applying what we have learned from years of experience, we can tailor a continuous motion application to resolve even the most challenging project.

Continuous motion machinery can take the form of either a linear system, a rotary system, or a combination of both. Our continuous motion experts have created assembly and forming machinery using the following techniques:

  • Feeding, orienting and pitch change of parts from bulk inventory, or rolls of product. This is accomplished through a number of technologies including centrifugal bowl feeders, in-line tracks, vacuum pitch change conveyors, and tray fed hoppers.
  • Multiple cam-actuated motions. These have been used in various assembly and forming operations, including: cold forming, heat sealing and forming, rotary knife cutting, tube forming, matched speed flying knife cuts, bottle capping and torquing, knot tying, de-burring and flash removal, embossing and laser material removal.

The orientation and configuration of the finished assemblies can take the form of mass flow conveying, tray filling, being stacked in a continuous fashion or stacks of a certain number, multiple parts in heat sealed bags, or placed in pucks or trays for further operations.

Jewett Automation has decades of experience designing and building continuous motion systems for the medical, automobile, tobacco, feminine hygiene, converting, metal working, packaging, dairy, and the consumer products industries. We can put our extensive continuous motion knowledge to work for you.