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_MG_7835-copy_webThe unique challenges manufacturers must overcome in the medical device industry require an automation partner that can point to a solid track record of success in the field. Jewett Automation has constructed specialty systems for some of the largest medical product companies in the business. With experience handling syringes, catheters, IV components, diagnostic devices, and a variety of other components and devices, Jewett Automation has been a dependable partner for a host of companies looking to improve production quality, speed, and economics.

As you might suspect, the focus of each of our design efforts tends to be unique for a given project due to its specific requirements. Nevertheless, we have found that almost all have a common thread. That trend is an overriding commitment to producing a high quality product.

Our comprehensive knowledge of critical concerns in this regard, and our wide range of experiences in the industry, are what make us the logical choice to assure the highest quality products attainable. That we have a record of success is due, we believe, to the strong emphasis we place on process capability, reliable machine operation, and sanitary equipment design.