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air filterJewett Automation is a leading supplier of filtration related equipment. The machines we develop make and test filters. To our knowledge, no other factory automation company can bring to bear the amount of experience we have in providing custom filtration production and testing equipment. For well over a dozen years we have been a trusted partner for a number of companies that taken together provide a wide range of specialty filters, including HVAC filters, residential and commercial air filtration systems, high purity liquid filters, and every other kind of filter you can imagine.

We can say with confidence that materials savings, labor reductions, and increases in production volume are most often the primary factors for determining our success in the filtration industry. We are ever mindful of the continuing quest for cost-effective production. That’s why we design and build robust and reliable equipment that maximizes filter production while simultaneously minimizing labor cost and material usage.

With Jewett’s experience and industry know how, we can help improve every aspect of your filter production.