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At Jewett Automation we pride ourselves in our ability to furnish automation tailored to the unique needs of each consumer products customer. Over the years, we have found that high product quality and speed to market often are the common denominators for success. In this regard, Jewett Automation has extensive experience in providing solutions that result in our customers having in a leg up on the competition. We believe our success is due to our constant pursuit of the highest level of quality and the fastest product rates that can be cost-effectively achieved.

We have worked with many consumer products covering a wide range of industries Some examples include: various tobacco products, energy storage devices, appliances and more. Employing one or more of the following strategies, Jewett Automation has delivered a multitude of systems to a long list of prominent clients:


  • Small Product Assembly
  • Vision Inspection
  • Bar Code printing and verification
  • Laser marking
  • Vision Guided Robotic Assembly
  • Data Tracking
  • Part Marking
  • Test Cells

From the project’s inception to production on the factory floor, Jewett automation is committed to helping you develop the best solution for your needs.