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CIMG0249Jewett Automation has extensive experience in the design and development of automation equipment that dispenses liquids as part of a process. As a result of the knowledge we have acquired, we are able to select the optimum methodology for a particular application. For instance, if the potential for contamination is an issue, we may use a peristaltic pump. In this example, fluid is contained within a flexible tube inside a circular casing. A rotor with lobes on the external circumference compresses the flexible tube, thereby moving the fluid through. Thus, the liquid never actually comes in contact with the casing or the pump, eliminating the potential for contamination.

Alternatively, when a high degree of precision is called for and contamination is not an issue, rotary displacement may be our choice. On the other hand, if both precision and a sanitary delivery system are required, pipetting is a tool we commonly employ. This and many other methods are at our fingertips when a precise volume of liquid must be dispatched.