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Jewett Automation is highly vertically integrated and boasts many core competencies as a result. For example, Jewett’s electrical engineers write all our clients’ control software, including what is needed for robotics and vision applications. This means you as our customer can receive fast, responsive service for changes required as your needs evolve.

We also handle our own vision, robotics, and electrical construction, including panel fabrication and field wiring, and we provide you with full layouts. We work in a variety of design platforms including SolidWorks™, Inventor™, and AutoCAD® software. Our own in-house machine shop even makes the parts. As a result, in most cases we do not have to go outside to complete the majority of the work your project may require, thus saving time and money.

Automating processes that are beyond standard automation applications is our specialty. As designers and builders of custom factory automation, it is standard operating procedure for us to think outside the box to develop a solution that is the right one to answer your need. We have a depth of experience in a number of markets including consumer products, medical devices, automotive components, packaging equipment and filtration products, but the work we do does not stop there.

Among the many unusual systems we’ve constructed are:

A custom system to fabricate industrial power bus way components from 10′ lengths of aluminum extrusion. Using standard automation elements, the system punched, cut, and marked individual sections as required to meet a custom MRP demand schedule, including optimization of incoming material utilization.

An industrial pleated filter assembly system using specially developed feeding, placement and folding devices for cardboard stock, and filter media.

In addition, we are committed to providing a high level of personal attention to every one of our customers. We’d prefer for you not think of Jewett Automation as your automation equipment supplier, but rather, as your automation partner.

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